Sunday, July 23, 2006


I saw the light, thus I deleted all my previous blogs. Then, i wasn't sure. Crumbs.
I came to the point of asking why blog in the first place? Why burden myself, having to commit for regular updating (for it's not worth blogging if it's not regularly updated) as if i'm not already sweating crazy trying to fulfil a 40-hrs/day committments. Unless I can immigrate to Pluto, earth's 24/7 reality certainly is not sufficient.
But then again, dull personality i'm not. Jack deserves to play too. Whether it's teng-teng, konda kondi or spontaneous rambling over nothing, i WILL make time to chill.
Yes, I see the light now.
I have opinions on almost anything, from nothing to everything. Insecurities over this and that and all that lies inbetween. The very least, blogging is a relief-valve for the crap that accumulates in my braincells. Or maybe during those odd moments, an unpretentious legible version of my train(wrecks) of thought. The very least, it paints a picture of the other/inner side of me. The emotional, spontaneous, extrovert and colorful(ish) side of my being, as opposed to the usually level headed, calculated, introverted and bland nature i masked myself in, in real, un-virtual society.
Though the blogs that may eventually, hopefully, fill this site won't weight much to most, they just might mean something to my dear children. The 'missing colors' to paint a more wholesome portrait of their dad, whom throughout their lives, gave an eclipsed impression of a cold and rhetorical housemaster (all for their own good, so my mind says), and seldom this nutcase and really 'cool' person ;)
Yes, with that in mind, I'd blog on.

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Blabs said...

Good!! I thought that's why we blog in the first place! I'm waiting!! :)